Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Will The Real Stalker/Sex Offender Please Stand Up?

"We Are Waiting For You Honey! Bring them diapers with you when you get here!"

"In the imaginations of the police officers, they extend these facts out into areas where the facts can't be supported," Astronaut lawyer, Donald Lykkebak said.
"I get her mother! She didn't leave anything for me did she?"

Was he really worth it?

"What gets me is why didn't the Judge grant the Astronaut bail in the first place? Did he think that she was going to disappear to the moon?
Besides that, if she was such an expert at the Robo Arm in space, why didn't she just attach one to her vehicle? It would have been much easier to snatch her alleged "victim" with one of them Robo Arms in the first place! Who's going to want to be in space with her now anyway? She might fling you into space using the Robo Arm." -Kini-

"The Astronaut doesn't look like me does she?"

"Well, well, I guess you'll be seeing the doctor soon! Don't worry I will make it all better! It's the American way!"

Revenge, and they've found that a part of the brain — the dorsal striatum ." which normally sends reward signals, like the feeling you get when you're in love, is stimulated when people desire revenge.

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Men have a stronger desire for revenge than women, according to a study published in Nature magazine last year. The study found that men experienced pleasure when they observed wrongdoers getting punished. Women, on the other hand, experienced empathy.

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