Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Church Fondler

As a complaining sex offender, I was ran out of the town of Susanville, California. Because of the urgency, I left my horses, planned to relocate, and return for my horses.

After finding a nice place to settle, (I was invited to a church barbeque). I was a little hesitant because you hear of these cult activities. But it turned out to be pretty nice. Being somewhat desperate to hurry and get my horses to my new location, I inquired whether anyone would be willing to transport my horses and that I had $300 for costs.

A man at the church offered. He said that he was going to get a transmission for his truck and he would be ready as soon as his stock trailer could be emptied of the junk he had in it. That gave me time to put up my fence.

It was hardly a day when the church man came by to see if I was ready to go get my horses. He did not have his truck ready so I had more time to perfect my fence. In a struggle to hurry the fence, he came back again to see if I was ready. He still did not have his truck ready. So, I told him that I would be ready as soon as he had his truck ready. The next day, not having his truck ready, he came over again. This time "to shoot the breeze" while fondling himself on a boulder rock that sat in front of my house. I told him that if I did not hurry and get my horses, I could loose them because I did not have the money to pay for their boarding if they stayed any longer. Now, feeling the pressure, I half heartedly threw up the fence and went to see if the church man was done fixing his truck. "Almost," he said. The next day, he came over and told me that he was going fishing with his kids.

After telling the church pastor about his activities, I found out that they couldn't do anything because he gave them a septic tank. Imagine, I was sold out for a septic tank.-Kini-

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