Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Murders In Klamath Falls, Oregon

EVERY month I am being maliciously prosecuted in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This is a result of the arbitrary arrests from Napa, California. This is like the movie Changelling where the police were so busy trying to commit a mother to a mental institution they failed to prevent or thwart the Chicken Coop murders of countless boys. Eerily similar, we have had 4 murders in 8 weeks in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

On September 2, 2009 more than 7 Klamath County Sheriffs, code enforcement, and dog control were congregated at my barn. Then, 7 Klamath County Sheriffs, code enforcement, and dog control immediately thereafter congregated at my home ready to arrest me for “reckless endangerment” as a result of a superficial dog bite a man sustained.

Klamath County Sheriff's Office and Court Judges Roxanne Osborn and Richard Rambo were unable to control their deputized punks and hooligans from menacing the living daylights out of me so I was unable to control my animal.

Around the same time victim Michael Doherty sustained severely lacerated fingers from a Pit Bull owned by Michael and Lisa Lunt. Their dog was neither confiscated nor the owners arrested for “reckless endangerment.” And, as far as I know, they did not have to pay physician costs. Instead, the police blamed it on Doherty’s dog that is a friendly border collie.

On September 3, 2009, a man was murdered down the street from me. The Klamath Falls Sheriff’s Department is bent on mentally institutionalizing me. They are being deliberately negligent in solving or thwarting more crimes of a higher magnitude. While countless trailers are “illegal camping,” I have been the one who has been maliciously prosecuted while under constant surveillance.

To date, regardless, of the severe human rights violations now pending and under preliminary examination at the International Court level, the city and county of Klamath Falls, Oregon, continues to use their deputized community to paralyze me with fear and terror.

Newspaper Article: This does not include the rape that occurred with a few miles of my home

Another body found

Still another

Please, do not review my home website at where evidence of torture was uploaded, pain and suffering damages logged. An unknown intrusive force has deactivated my links so that the U.S. Government can subject me with their continued pattern of unrelenting malicious prosecutions, retaliation, and torture.

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sheriff haters said...

i feel for you and i know exactly what u are going through .. seems the local wanna be sheriffs office and punk ass Evinger and the DA , They seem to have vendeta against me so they bring up bull shit charges and make evidence on mybehalf disapeer and are constatly harrassing when they could be out dealing with real crimnals i would say this right to evinger exactly how im feeling but he wont meet with me at all cause he knows he a liar ... this county is so corrupt that it makes me sick ..... they allow ppl to break restraing orders due they connections to the sheriffs and there is proof on this . if this makes the sheriffs office angry or sweat then GREAT!! anyway good luck to you as im dealing with bull shit myself in court ..