Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Alan Story

The Story That Could Land Me In A Mental Institution
The Alan Story-By Kini

Sometime during 2001, I had a friend, T.C. We went to college together and she introduced me to the wild horse sanctuary in Susanville, CA. T.C. listened to my plight and advised me to go to the Geneva Convention in Switzerland. I told T.C. that I did not feel that I had reached the top of the chain of command according to the requirements of the justice system.

Many months prior to T.C.’s advice, I heard that soft still voice at night in the fiber of my soul pestering me to seek out Alan. “Call Alan. Don’t your remember Alan?” said the voice. I often thought about my cousin, Alan, and when I lived at my grandmother’s home in Alan’s old bedroom. I remember looking into the closet and admiring his wonderful military uniforms. Many weeks went by that I ignored this “voice”. But, the voice kept on, “Call Alan. Don’t your remember Alan?” said the voice. I thought back, “Yes, L-rd, the last time I saw him was at his wedding when he married Debbie. I remember, L-rd, he played a bit part in a movie called ‘Tunnel Vision’”. “Call him!” demanded the voice in my heart.

Part of my parole conditions was that I not use the internet. Finally, after parole, one day, me and T.C. were in the computer lab and I did a Google search for Alan. I thought, what could he be doing? He was probably a small time lawyer in some town. When his profile came up, he was not only a small time lawyer but he had a lengthy judicial history and he was stationed in Geneva, Switzerland, when he was a young man.

My jaw dropped and I started to scream, “TC!” “TC!” come over to the screen and check this out. Since I was out dated with computer work, T.C. helped me set up an email address but I was unable to send out my legal work. So, I snail mailed the best I could muster. But, I never heard from him.

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