Thursday, May 01, 2008


The Latest Delusion

In a new case of connect the dots, my abusive neighbor, who a few days ago, finally had a drunk driving vehicle accident, went for a walk while I boarded my horse to go to the south suburban county library. There I encountered shattered windows of the little place I call home.

I went in and like a thousand others had to ask what had happened. After being cued into the story by a girl that “looked like the love of my life,” I checked out with my borrowed DVD's and went next door to get a second opinion. Surely enough, the stories matched.

Evidently, a man had gotten drunk and smashed the windows with a rock. He then
went in, took the petty cash, and left. He was busted when he felt guilty and took the petty cash back.

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The problem with that story, because it is Government, is that out of all the windows in the mall type-setting, why did he pick the little humble, obscure, library. I know that area pretty well because I ride my horses on the side of the bike path. There are no rocks in the parking lot. And, they would have to be pretty big and heavy to do the damage that was done. There had to be a premeditated plan.

The same day, I found out that at 9:12 am, there was a four-car pileup in an intersection a few blocks of where I live. A woman was driving between 35 and 40 mph when she failed to brake, crashing into other cars stopped in a turn lane at the stoplight. Her SUV landed on its driver's side. The woman was extricated through the windshield of her vehicle, and the Jaws of Life was used to open the door of a
The Apology

Sometimes when I feel a wrong(s) has been committed against me, I become desperate and look for deep meaningful reflections of contrition because I cannot obtain it in any other sort of reality. What do the dates mean? What do the numbers mean? And, what is symbolic of the glass shattering? So, I want to thank the people who know me well or who should know me well; the police, the judges, the media, the public defenders and other lawyers, the activists, and all public agencies that know me and my case well.

Thank you all for really going out of your way to spend money, the sacrifice of your property, and the risk of peoples lives to stage these events. You have definitely expressed your remorse to me. Now, can I have my paychecks?

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