Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Fat Lady Laughed Last - Part One

Land o' the Nephilim

At one of my most desperate times while on the run as a female "sex offender", I clung on to several churches in Susanville, California. The Church of the Nazarene, a Baptist Church, and the Calvary Chapel. The Calvary Chapel was the most convenient for me because it was on the same block. In addition, they had a decent faith for Jews who were Messianic, like myself. I could relate to alot of what they discussed.

Unfortunately, by having enquiring minds, they came to the conclusion that I had "deviant sexual tendencies". Besides that, it never took long for the cops to locate me. Once they did, it was only a short time before they would bad mouth me right out of town or a job.

When I lost my driver's license, I was subjected to walk all over the town. One young punk was a member of the church. He also worked at Kragen's Auto. He would ride around in his jeep with his blond girlfriend and they would snicker and laugh.

I knew that he was going to dump her because she was "for sex" material. Although she was kind of good looking, she had a pug nose. She would laugh with the young punk: You know how they try to impress their boyfriends? But, I just knew he was using her and would someday dump her.

Sure enough, a newspaper article came out a couple years later. The young punk (I also had reason to suspect him of slashing my tires), was going to marry someone else, the church secretary.

Today, as I have to walk around town, there are the punks who I see laughing while they drive by with their girlfriends. If you have a discerning spirit, you can always tell the girls who are oblivious to their surroundings or what the punks in this town know.

I want to tell the women that when the men dump you or file for divorce, take your children, take your home, leave you penniless, (despite community property laws) and leave you feeling like an used up empty shell, we will have the last laugh.

So, in case your ego or other conflicting feelings get in the way, I don't do straight women, sloppy seconds, thirds, forths, and sluts. And, if you are the kind of aware woman who thinks this whole thing is discusting, I think you are discusting too! The stench of your body, your ignorance, and every other smelly thing about you. The older you get, the frumpier you'll smell. The more evil you are, the more your husband or boyfriend will find someone to have an affair with.

I detest your presence. You don't teach me a thing, only hatred. We can be picky people and the straight people should learn from animals and gay people of the community how to conduct civilized, committed, relationships.

By the way, I found out later from the newspaper that the young punk turned out to be the son of my parole officer, Marvin Clark; Grant Clark.

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